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Inspire through efficiency


Convert challenges with positive actions


We personally install, manage & support


Things go wrong and we fix them

Team Comtel

We’re Techs with passion for technology … building to break and breaking to build.

We enjoy developing a wide variety of applications, products and solutions, collecting valuable data and experience along the way.

This helps us understand the overview, and how to solve problems efficiently.

We analyse to learn and improve, creating a positive environment for our Clients.

The reality is we spend as much time with Comtel as we do with friends and family.

Be who you want to become and we’ll grow stronger together.

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We’re interested in who you are and how you fit in.

Seeing you making the most of your opportunities and learning to grow playing the game of living.

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Some of our Valued Clients

Social Lift

Schools and Education

Comtel created the SENT Program in 2013 for schools in need.

Together with our Partners, we connect underprivileged schools to the internet.

Administrators and teachers now have the opportunity to deliver educational content more efficiently in line with best practices.

Imagine young minds growing up with the love for learning.

Information, knowledge and understanding is our future.