Business Voice over IP and PBX Solutions

Month to Month Agreements available

VoIP Connect

Business VoIP Lines are billed @ R50/month ex VAT.

This connects you to the Altrix VoIP Exchange.

Includes VoIP Security & Support.

Hosted PBX

Hosted PBX From only R225/month

Comtel brings you the Altrix Hosted VoIP Platform that includes:

Support; Security, Failover, Backups, Software upgrades + all the Features you expect from a PBX System and more.

Altrix is designed for multi-branch companies and includes the following features:

Month to Month Agreement

Security & Failover

TMS Reporting

Phone & System Support

Includes VoIP Security & Support.

VoIP Calling

Choose between Pay per use and Uncapped Calling.

Pay per Use

Comtel bills calls at ‘pure-per-second’ from the 1st second.

VoIP Rates (usage model):

Call Rates (c/min) Cents/min
Mobile / Cellular 45c/min
Fixed / Land Line 23c/min
International From 23c/min
Pricing ex. VAT; T’s & C’s Apply

Uncapped Calling

Comtel provides unlimited VoIP calling to clients who prefer paying a fixed rate per month.

Make as many calls during the month at a fixed cost.

Uncapped Calling for Business Monthly Cost per line
VoIP Unlimited Package (includes VoIP line) R375/month
Pricing ex VAT; T’s & C’s Apply

True VoIP Failover

Comtel uses Rain Mode Technology to provide full redundancy on voice calls.

Rain Mode transmits & receives your VoIP calls over 2 different Internet Connections (eg Wireless & LTE) simultaneously.

Only the best packets from both connections are used.

Number Porting

we cover your porting fees

If you're switching Providers and remain in the same geographic area,
you can keep your existing phone number i.e. we port your numbers.

                                                                                Please note to check the following:

                    1.  Review your current contract i.e. you may need to pay an early termination fee or outstanding balance.

                   2.  Don’t cancel your existing service before we’ve submitted the Porting Application with your Provider.


                                                                          Porting takes between 5 and 10 days to complete.

VoIP Phones & Accessories

We’ve Partnered with Yealink to provide the best to suit your business needs:

Reception Switchboard

Desktop Phones

DECT Phones

Conference Phones

Expansion Microphones

Do you need UPS/Battery Backup?

Would you like Wireless Failover for your Fibre?

Speak to a Sales Manager