Altrix Hospitality is an integrated Software based PBX; Telephone Management System & Hotspot Solution

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Designed for Resorts, Hotels, Guest Houses and Lodges

Property Management System

Altrix connects to various PMS’s including Hiltons OnQ; Micros-Fidelio Opera; Hotelier; Amadeus; Protel & Jazz Fusion.

If you don’t see your PMS here, we’ll develop it for you.

Hotel VoIP PBX Solution

Altrix has all the Hospitality PBX Features and includes ‘Multi Tenant Setup’.

i.e. all your Tenants (shops; spa’s etc) have their own private IVR’s; dial plans & PBX feature’s all on the same System.

+ you can share a unified Dial-plan for internal calling.

Altrix supports both Analogue & SIP Phones. We save costs on cabling if you prefer using your existing infrastructure.

You may replace Analogue with SIP whenever you like.

Telephone Management System

The TMS is a Module in the Altrix Software Platform.

There’s no need for additional Devices or Applications.

Admin can set cost and retail pricing for billing.

Altrix TMS integrates with your Property Management System to give you Call Management & Reporting.

Hardware Redundancy

Altrix provides a ‘Duplicate Hardware System’ whereby 2 or more hardware platforms work together in unison.

The client is unaffected if any single PBX unit fails.

Comtel actively monitors and responds before anyone is aware.

PBX Replacement

Altrix is a licensed product with a nominal monthly fee that includes

Software support

Auto-config backups

Software upgrades

Hardware Replacement Policy

When your Hardware needs to be replaced, we migrate your software over to a new Hardware Platform at a fraction of the cost.

*This only applies to Onsite PBX’s.

Standard SIP Protocols

Altrix supports Standard SIP RFC Protocols i.e. any Standard SIP device is compatible. You don’t get Vendor lock-in having to use expensive Proprietary hardware.

Altrix Hotsoft

Altrix Hotsoft is a Hotspot Solution installed in rooms and public areas.

Hotsoft is setup to include free internet; limited free internet and usage or time-based billing.

If not free; billing is done via credit card, vouchers or linked to the PMS (guests are billed on checkout).

Monthly Internet Subscription based packages are optional for long-stay/permanent guests.

Development Integration

Altrix includes various Interfaces that manages information between the PBX; Phones; Call Details; Hotspot and the Hotel’s PMS.

If an Interface; PBX Feature or Report does not currently exist … we develop them.