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Our Values


To inspire through efficiency.


Be who you want to become & we'll grow stronger together.


We personally Install; Manage & Support your Services.


Things go wrong … what you’ll remember is how we fix them.

Product Partners

Partners exist for Mutual Growth and Support.

Partners Understand to Respect each other with Trust.

We collaborate with our Partner Alliance to bring you the World’s Leading Technologies.

This enables us in providing the Best Solutions for You and your Business.

Team Comtel

We were born from the garage in 2004 … a couple of Tech’s having fun building stuff.

Just then a Reseller walks in …

Reseller: Can you do XYZ?
Comtel: “What the! is he talking about?”
Reseller: Sorry, what was that?
Comtel: “Of course we can … would you like that in blue or green?”

We’ve grown organically with a top-heavy technical department = providing quality support you deserve.

Each new person who joins becomes part of us.

Reality = we spend more time in the office than @ home with friends & family.

Our goals = converting challenges into positive actions.

We live to support those around us.

Taking on Talent

At Comtel we play for Team & Country.

We’re interested in who you are and how you’ll fit in.

Seeing you making the most of your opportunities & learning to grow playing the Game of Living.

Is your hunger for information and understanding?

To be part of something greater?

Then perhaps this is for you.

Let’s make our world a better place.

Some of our Valued Clients

Social Lift

Schools Education & Natural Transition

Comtel created SENT in 2013 to provide free Internet Access and other IT services for schools in need.

Together with Scoop Distribution (hyperlink https://www.scoop.co.za) and Melomed Hospital Group (https://www melomed.co.za); we’ve provided Internet to over 100 underprivileged Schools.

We understand that many of our schools don’t have the necessary skills, or the finance to directly manage their technical services.

We continue installing & providing Internet & IT Services to Schools in need.

Education is our future.