Comtel installs the Altrix Intercom System into Multi Unit Developments & Smart Cities.

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Solution Includes

Altrix Intercom PBX

VoIP Connect

Guardhouse SIP Phones

Entry & Exit Devices

Inbound Numbers

Unified Dial-Plans

Altrix PMS Integration

Uncapped Calling

Altrix GUI Interface

Telephone Management System

Active Monitoring

SLA Support & Maintenance

Full Hardware Maintenance

Remote TMS & GUI Support

Config Backups

Altrix Interface

All Units are pre-programmed into the System (designed extension range for unified dial plan).

Extension numbers are then linked to Resident Mobiles; SIP Phones and/or Soft Phones.

Door/gate entry devices are installed on goosenecks/doors etc.

Visitors can either call directly (via door/gate devices) to resident mobile’s (who can open the gate via their mobiles) and/or visitors call the guard who then opens the gate/door with their SIP phone.

All guardhouse SIP phones are programmed with a speed-dial e.g. emergency numbers; managing agents etc.

PIN codes may be allocated to guards and/or phones can be PIN code managed/controlled.

All calls are included in the Unlimited Calling Package.

Security Access

There may be multiple entrances (gates/doors) where you don’t want everyone being able to access all
entry points e.g. a door in another block (within the development) etc.

Someone may own 2 or more properties in different security estates (in the same Smart City).

We install SIP Phones into Homes; Commercial; Hospitality; Retail; Educational; Municipality and any other key-points in a unified dial-plan.