Comtel designs & installs Captive Portals in Public Areas

we're your ISP and Solution Integrator

Private & Public WIFI Hotspots

Core Router & Software

Indoor / Outdoor AP’s

Ubiquiti Unifi System

Altrix Hotsoft Management Software

built on the Altrix Hotsoft & Ubiquiti Unifi Solution

APs are installed @ locations based on the Heatmap Layout

Standard Functionality

Login using Email; Cell Number or social media

Distributed / Hosted Model

Flexible Architecture

Landing page configurable

Marketing opportunities

Multiple hotspot profiles per site

Comprehensive GUI Portal

Free Internet

Limited Free Internet

Usage and/or Time Based

Purchase additional WIFI via Credit Card

Hotspot setup/config as per Client requests

Comtel develops the Altrix WIFI Hotsoft Solution

If you don’t see the Functionality or Reporting you want (and it makes sense) we’ll Develop it for you