Premier Business Fibre Internet

Comtel provides pure Uncapped, Unshaped, Unthrottled Business Fibre Internet with IPV6.

Supercharge your operations, stay ahead of the competition &
unlock a world of possibilities for your business.

Premium Business Fibre

  • Enhanced productivity: Say goodbye to lag and delays, and empower your team to work more efficiently with instant access to cloud-based applications and real-time collaboration tools.
  • Reliable connectivity: Trust our robust fibre network infrastructure to deliver consistent, stable connectivity, minimizing downtime and maximizing your business uptime.
  • Future-proof scalability: As your business grows, our premium fibre solution can easily accommodate increasing bandwidth requirements, ensuring a smooth and scalable transition.

Experience unparalleled speed and efficiency

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Network Partners

we’ve got you covered​

Comtel provides pure Fibre Internet for all your Business needs.

WIFI Coverage

Are you tired of ‘dead spots?’

Would you like quality WIFI throughout your office?

Comtel builds Heatmaps i.e. we present an overview (of your premises) that shows exactly where to install WIFI AP’s that gives you the best coverage.

Do you need UPS/Battery Backup?

Would you like Wireless Failover for your Fibre?


We send Comtel Technicians to personally install your Business Service.

‘Lead times to going live’ varies between our Fibre Network Partners.

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Some of our Valued Clients

* Please note pricing is Network dependant. i.e. each Network has its own base cost and available packages, so we can’t always match pricing between different Network’s.