Premier Fibre Internet

Pure Uncapped Fibre Connectivity for your Home and SOHO

Comtel provides pure Uncapped, Unshaped, Unthrottled & IPV6 Live Fibre Internet.

Month to Month Agreements

Premier Support

* Please note pricing is Network dependant. i.e. each Network has its own base cost and available packages, so we can’t always match pricing between different Network’s.


Please note the following conditions:
You Install
Technician Installs

Technician Installs

Would you like a professional installing and setting up your WIFI?

Do you need another LAN point or an additional WIFI Access Point installed in your Home?

We send Technicians to personally onsite-tailor your setup.

Installation Type Month to Month
Technician Installs Onsite R1 295

General terms

  1. The installation and activation fees are defined by our Network Partners, not Comtel, and are as per the individual contracts.
  2. These packages are for Residential Clients only i.e. Business Clients sign up for business packages.
  3. Although we try to keep our coverage database as accurate as possible, we understand there may be inaccuracies (from time to time) that occur between us and our Network Partners.

Network Partner Install:

  1. Each Network Partner has their own installation cost and activation fees.
  2.  These costs may form part of the install and activation fees as listed in Comtel’s ISP contracts.
  3. The installation fee includes cabling up to 30 metres (from the buddy box into your home). 
  4. If your installation requires additional cabling, a site survey is done, after which you will receive a quote from our relevant Network Partner. If you choose to proceed, you are liable for any additional costs incurred. The additional cabling is directly payable to the applicable Network Partner. 
  5. Installation lead times are a guide based on averages and will vary. Line activation and connection times need to be added for full turnaround estimation. Once the Network Partner has installed the Fibre & ONT, it typically takes about 3-5 days for us to ‘light you up’.

Technician Install:

  1. Once the Fibre is installed in your home, Comtel can send Technicians to personally install and setup your WIFI router.
  2. There is a once-off cost of R1295 for this service.
  3. If there are any additional LAN points or WIFI Access Points required, they are quoted additionally.

Delivery Install:

  1. R260 is charged to courier a configured WIFI router to the client for a self install.
  2. Additional fees may be applicable should you order a UPS or any other equipment.


Activation and Reactivation fees:

  1. Activation fees are charged as per the contract.
  2. Reactivation fees are charged as per the contract.


Comtel Internet:

  1. We provide Pure Uncapped, Unshaped and Unthrottled internet.
  2. There are no usage thresholds so you can use as much data as you like, whenever you like. 


What happens if I cancel with Comtel?

  1. Free-to-use routers
    1. The WIFI router remains the property of Comtel. The client must not remove the router from the property.
    2. If the router is missing, Comtel will charge the client to return or replace it.
  2. Subsidised Install / Connection Fees
    1. Comtel subsidises the Fibre Installation as per the details in your contract.
  3. Cancellation Fee
    1. If you cancel within 12 months, you will be liable for any installation and/or connection fees that Comtel subsidised when you ordered (as per your contract).
    2. Please refer to your original contract to see how much you were subsidised, and therefore how much you will be billed.
  4. There is a 1-month calendar notice to cancel.

Let's Stay Connected

Be ready for load shedding – get this powerful UPS to keep you online even when you’re stuck in the dark!

Our Netogy UPS Power Bank ensures you stay online. This compact UPS/Power Bank supplies uninterrupted power to your Fibre box (ONT) . With temperature, short circuit, overvoltage, overpower and electric leakage protection, this UPS is your reliable choice for external power sources for your internet connection hardware.

Safeguards against power surges, dips and failures

Intelligent circuit design with over-charging and short circuit protection