Residential Voice over IP

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VoIP Connect

Residential VoIP Lines are billed @ R85/month ( incl. VAT. )

This connects you to Comtel's VoIP Exchange.

Caller ID

Call Forwarding


Itemised Billing

Includes VoIP Security & Support.

VoIP Calling

Choose between Pay per use and Uncapped Calling.

Pay per Use

Comtel bills calls at ‘pure-per-second’ from the 1st second.

VoIP Rates (usage model):

Call Rates (c/min) Cents/min
Mobile / Cellular 52c/min
Fixed / Land Line 27c/min
International From 27c/min
Pricing incl. VAT

Uncapped Calling

Comtel provides unlimited VoIP calling to clients who prefer paying a fixed rate per month.

As the name suggests, clients are able to make as many calls during the month at a fixed cost.

Uncapped Calling Monthly Cost per line
VoIP Unlimited Package (includes VoIP line) R245/month
Pricing incl. VAT; T’s & C’s Apply

Number Porting

Comtel manages the number porting process for you.

If you're switching service providers and remain in the same geographic area, you can keep your existing phone number i.e. we can port these numbers.

Please note to check the following:

  1. Review your current contract
    a) You may be obligated to pay an early termination fee or outstanding balance before we can port your number
  2. Do not terminate your service with your existing Provider before we’ve submitted the Porting Application with them.

There is a once-off Admin cost of R95 to port

Porting takes between 5 and 10 days to complete.

VoIP Phones

Do you prefer Desktop or Handsfree?

Yealink T31 Desktop

Yealink W53H (DECT) Handsfree


You Install
Comtel Installs

Comtel Installs

Would you like a professional installing your VoIP Phone?

Do you need another Phone Point or an additional WIFI Access Point installed in your Home?

We send Technicians to personally onsite-tailor your setup.

Installation Comtel Installs
Comtel Fibre & WIFI R995