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General Support

Service Level Agreements

Full Hardware Maintenance

we personally Install, Manage & Support your Services

General Support

Onsite Technicians are available during Standard Operating Hours.

There may be delays due to issues with Critical Core Infrastructure; or when an SLA client is having an issue (SLA clients take preference in this scenario).

Call outs are only billed for faults within client units.

If you need fast guaranteed turnaround times, please ask about a Service Level Agreement to suit your needs.

Standard Operating Hours

Service Level Agreements

Comtel provides SLAs to clients who require Priority Support that ensures minimal downtime. 


Support services are available during Standard Operating Hours and Afterhours for efficient Fault-Resolution.

We provide 3 classes of SLA




Full Hardware Maintenance

Any hardware faults are replaced onsite at no cost (including all labour).

The product is fully warranted during the contract term.

If a client needs hardware replacement afterhours, an SLA is required.

Hardware items not covered in the ‘Hardware Maintenance Contract’ are managed as per standard replacement policy.

Extended warranties

Holding relevant stock

Onsite replacement

All labour included