Smart Fibre Sensing for Data Analysis

Smart Open Networks are the Foundation for Smart Cities; Precincts; Buildings and Multi Unit Developments

Comtel installs Fibre cables along structures for monitoring. 

We beam lasers down the fibre and collect the small amount of ‘Rayleigh backscatter’ that bounces back.

The patterns are analysed and any variations are reported on i.e. the vibrations that affect the patterns of light bouncing back.

We know what these ‘fingerprint-signature events’ look like and how they interact with the environment.

Comtel’s fibre optical cables are the sensors.

With AI & Machine Learning we analyse Data for Efficiencies

Key Advantages

Optimise Inspection and Maintenance Programs

Analyse Data for Proactive Decision Making

Remotely Listen to your Asset in Real-Time

Health & Safety Efficiency

Road & Accident Management

Prevent Disaster before it Happens

Intelligent Monitoring 24/7/365

you can’t manage what you don’t measure